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Jan. 3rd, 2017 @ 11:59 pm 2017 is doing well so far
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Current Location: Riccarton, Christchurch, NZ
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Wednesday night I went out to game somewhere new, with the current iteration of the group that I started attending nearly nine years ago. Furthering the "new that wasn't new" I played El Grande for the first time in six years and only the second time I remember seeing it in recent years. I also played Tiny Epic Galaxies, for the second time, a year after my first play, and am now wondering if there was something done wrong the first time.

New Years Eve I got invited to the home of a couple of friends, and spent the night playing board games with the two of them. Or, slightly more accurately, spent half the night playing with the two of them as one got tired and went to read. As midnight hit I was involved in a game of Gin Rummy, which I think was the first time I'd played since the end of 1997.
Sleeping on their bed was a bit less restful than normal, but part of that would have simply been it not being my bed. Having their cat make noise moving around in the morning also had me awake earlier than I wanted to be. The walk back to my part of the city, and the church service, was warmer than I'd expected and I could easily have not bothered with my jacket while away. That's been the only really hot day recently, I'm hoping for more.

I spent almost all of my waking hours yesterday away from here playing even more boardgames. As a result of being there I didn't go the regular Monday Night session that I have normally been to for the past 6 years. Half of what I played was games I like a lot; Agricola with actual drafting of cards at the start, Asara where we had very close end game scores, and El Capitan for the first time in six months. I also got to play Crazy Karts which I can see holding interest for a while, especially if there's an expectation that some one will be showing up late. The other two were Saboteur (which is a better filler than most) and Terra Mystica (which I'm okay with playing, just not eager).

This coming weekend I'm probably going to be gaming both days, in a couple of locations. A week from now SAGA is apparently going to have started up again so I might be back to gaming a lot, much earlier in the year than normal.

As I've been doing since the first year I was gaming with the Wednesday night group I went to the effort of using BGG and my records there to create a geeklist of all the Boardgames I played at least five times through the year. A list that was different to those of recent years in a few ways.
* My most played game in 2016 was only played 41 times, last year the high count was 73 and one year hit 91.
* A bunch of games that had been on last years list didn't appear this time, some of which I'm not sorry to see go, a few I regret not playing more.
* Five fewer games on the list compared to last year, which isn't a great reduction, especially considering how much less I gamed in 2016.
* On that topic, I only played 533 games through the year, in 2012 the count was 866. The simplest reason is that by not going to the Wednesday group at most of the locations cut out about 20% of what I might have played. I missed more of the Monday group than normal as well (because of distance) and there were a lot fewer short games played there, as well as earlier finish times.

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