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This is who I am.

Change me if you can.

First up: My name is Gareth Owen Reynolds, one of my icons is from an actual photo of me hanging in a tree (suspended by my feet/shoes), and I spend far more time on the internet than is wise.

Second: It was pointed out to me a long time ago (16 July 2005) that the way I use LJ is largely "one way social interaction", I get the benefit of finding out how other people are doing in their lives and I don't (for the most part) need to give anything back in the way of communication. How good this is for me is open to debate, as long as the debate doesn't include me.
Since not long after I started using FaceBook in 2007 I've been having entries here posted there automatically. I get more interaction there and it's still very limited.

I'm not expecting anyone I add as a friend to add me back and if anyone wants me to remove their journal and stop reading it I will as soon as I get the message. The reverse is largely true as well, I'm not likely to add you just because you add me. I will however at least look through the first page of entries I come across.

I read everything that appears on my friends page. I don't comment very often though because if I don't have something specific to say or a question to ask I don't think anyone is going to give a damn about what I have to say.

Whilst I haven't been diagnosed and therefore have no proof or serious belief of these things, I would not be surprised to find out that I show signs of or suffer from depression, obsessive compulsiveness and/or paranoia.
Contrary to that, I thought for a while I might have Asperger's syndrome and might have gone to get an assessment if hadn't been so content living the way I was.

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